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Usage tips

Comptoir des Huiles vegetable oils come from first cold pressing our seeds to preserve their properties. There are no contraindications to using pure vegetable oils, however we recommend using some in addition to other oils or as an ingredient in a homemade product (such as Calophylle oil for example).  

There are different types of oils with more or less different textures. Some are dry while others are very viscous (more liquid).  

Some oils tend to solidify at a higher or lower room temperature. Therefore, do not worry if one of your oils becomes solid. We recommend passing the bottle under a a gentle flow of lukewarm water to liquefy the oil inside.  

We advise you never to expose oiled hair to the sun as it may cook the hair.  

A final point, for a ideal application and especially good penetration, the oil should be warmed before use. For that, pour a few drops of oil in the palm of your hand and rub your palms together before applying.



How to use our precious vegetable oils?