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The great potential of oils

Omega 3  

A polyunsaturated fatty acid that can be found in some fatty fish and some seeds. They are an essential fatty acid as they are not produced by the body but are indispensable to it. On receiving omega-3’s the body prioritises distribution to organs that need it most (the brain for example). There is usually little left for our skin and hair. This is a shame because omega-3 hydrate and strengthen the cells that make up our skin and hair. They also have regenerating and restorative virtues, beautiful benefits in any cosmetic! They are found in large amounts in Neem, Baobab, Carapate and Ricin Oil.  


Omega 6  

A polyunsaturated fatty acid, an essential fatty acid as they are not produced by the body but are indispensable to it. Linoleic acid is one of its main fatty acids and are found in all vegetable oils. Omega 6’s help to rebuild lipids and maintain good hydration while softening and nourishing the skin. They have anti-dryness and anti-allergy virtues for the care of the skin. They are found in large amounts in Calophylle and Neem Oil.  


Omega 9  

A monounsaturated fatty acid, whose main fatty acids are; oleic acid, gadoleic acid, and erucic acid, or ricin oleic acid (names you may sometimes see in the description of our products). They do not belong to the family of “essential fatty acids” but are still very beneficial. They are highly nourishing and restore suppleness to the skin. Present in most of our oils, but are found in large quantities in Jojoba, Carapate and Ricin Oil for example.  



They are part of Vitamin E and are natural antioxidants and healing agents for our body. They help fight free radicals responsible for premature aging of the skin. Vitamin E also nourishes the skin deeply and durably. This is one of the strengths of Baobab Oil!  



 These are the parts of an oil that cannot be altered by saponification, and that have very interesting properties for our skin. Unsaponifiable help soften, stimulate and regenerate the skin. A significant asset! They are found in large amounts of Jojoba oil.      



An active compound present in particular in the composition of Calophylle Oil. It helps reform scared tissue.  



Family of organic molecules naturally present in certain oils. They arouse more and more interest since they are natural antioxidants. Found in Calophylle oil.


The benefits of using pure vegetable oils  

In addition to the fact that the most used vegetable oils are commonly used and appreciated in cooking, they are in fact remarkable as cosmetics (moreover some of them are not edible). Thanks to the vitamins and fatty acids they contain, vegetable oils are a gold mine for our body. Depending on the plant they come from, they can be moisturizing, protective, detoxifying, restorative, strengthening or sebum-regulating. Depending on the oil chosen, they have multiple uses, making it a natural inexpensive cosmetic. They can be used on the face, body and/or hair. Overall, an oil can be enough to hydrate from head to toe. And can also be used in products for the home, like Neem oil for example. Because it is a pure, naturally rich and simple, the use of a vegetable oil is beneficial and rarely allergenic, unlike for example essential oils.