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Our Manifest

♦ Comptoir des Huiles, A journey of beauty ♦

At the heart of the lush nature of Madagascar, our family of modern explorers share their discoveries with you through a range of exceptional oils. 
Privileged to be surrounded by such beauty, Stéphane and Virginie the founders of Comptoir des Huiles are constantly pushing their limits to offer you the best of what nature has to offer. 


♦ From the seed to the bottle, the desire for something real ♦

A journey of the senses beginning at the harvest of seeds with the Malagasy farmers. The raw material is extracted, the essence of the pure oils, for Comptoir des Huiles. A breath of well-being that comes from the unique encounter between artisanal know-how and cosmetic innovation. The result of a collective and ethical work done hand in hand with the manufacturer PhileoL France. 


♦ Much more than just a cosmetic... ♦

Beauty is not a matter of chemistry. Faced with the treasures that nature offers, Comptoir des Huiles transports you on a journey of beauty. The power of plants and active ingredients derived from these pure cold pressed oils. A respectful synergy of human and environment for products formulated without water. Treat yourself to a range of textures to match your needs. Treat yourself daily to a gentle treatment amongst a variety of textures. The key to a 100% natural beauty routine that cares for you and the planet.


♦ The human being at the heart of our commitment ♦

In one of the poorest regions of Madagascar, Comptoir des Huiles has developed a direct and responsible production method. The founders establish a relationship of trust with local partners and farmers, with the promise of fair remuneration. This ecological and economic partnership allows Malagasy families to be a part of the vegetable oil market. A wonderful story of sharing on this beautiful land of high-quality oils.


♦ The planet, mother to all ♦

Well-being is a strength and it is in this approach that Comptoir des Huiles raises awareness among local populations in the fight against deforestation and erosion. In the face of the environmental emergency, it is essential to promote ethical beauty while respecting the Earth and its resources. We have put in place a sustainable production cycle respecting nature and beneficial for people. Innovative in a world where the agro-industry wreaks havoc.

With Comptoir des Huiles make your well-being, a commitment to nature.

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