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Our know-how

In Madagascar or France, our products are developed with one goal; offering you the best. Our teams take the power of plants to develop high-performance natural cosmetics of high quality.


♦ From seed to bottle ♦

Trained farmers grow only ricin, jojoba and moringa oleifera plants, for the rest of our vegetable oils range, the seeds are gathered in partnership with more than 10 000 Malagasy families to whom we provide material and training to accompany them in their development. Thanks to this business model, small local producers have access to the world market of vegetable oils, offered the purchase price of seeds and are supported to structure an ecological, efficient and profitable production.

We do not use any intermediaries, which allows us to control the entire production chain and be transparent to our consumers. By adding intermediaries, we add interlocutors and stages of production and transformation. This is what the majority of companies currently do, they are no longer able to properly manage the traceability of their products, the raw material becomes blurred and not considered properly.


♦ Local Farmers ♦

We work in partnership with Malagasy farmers in total harmony and virtuous agreement to build a network of oilseeds rich in terms of quantity, quality and diversity.

From the beginning, we have developed an innovative and original production system that respects people and nature by placing them at the heart of our project. In this way, instead of installing an agro-industrial system, which would have been counterproductive and destructive, we can provide more than 7000 families with work with a fair income.

On the other hand, we installed an oil pressing unit in the centre of the farming zone. The sales prices of the Comptoir des Huiles products are calculated to be able to provide a fair income to the farmers but also with the aim that the company is sustainable over time and can pay more farmers in the future. PhileoL is thus a sustainable company and local people can count on us and invest in the production of oilseeds.

Today PhileoL Madagascar is a viable company and we are the first exporters of precious vegetable oils from Madagascar.


♦ Fabulous Oils ♦

Our oils are 100% natural and raw: unrefined, unprocessed, non-hydrogenated, they are organic and are cold pressed. Cold pressing is an extraction technique that preserves all the properties of the vegetable oil.

All our oils are raw and extracted using a cold press. Only Carapate oil undergoes a different process, an ancestral technique. Coming from the Ricin seeds, the seeds are heated after being crushed manually by local women, the oil obtained is then heated again. It remains an unrefined natural oil. Unlike virgin Ricin oil, Carapate oil has a darker colour (hence sometimes known as black castor oil) and a more pronounced smell reminiscent of Hazelnut. This is an ancestral craft method and is passed from mother to daughter. It is very laborious but allows us to obtain a higher performance oil for darker skin and frizzy hair.


Vegan Friendly
Humanité égalitaire
Haute concentration en huile végétale
Production protectrice de la nature

♦ Formulation chart ♦

The strength of Comptoir des Huiles cosmetics comes from its incredible concentration of pure vegetable oils. A vegetable oil has natural active ingredients that penetrate the skin which is not the case for synthetic ingredients.

Our products are formulated with a minimum of 99% natural or ingredients derived from nature. We are certified natural and organic by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard.

Our cosmetics are free from paraben, phenoxyethanol, methylisothiazolinone, mineral oils, silicone, aluminium salt or synthetic dye. These are also the requirements of the Cosmebio label.

In the same logic of offering natural, healthy and quality products, we go further than the Cosmebio charter and we do not use endocrine disruptors or suspicious ingredients and our perfumes are of 100% natural origin.

Our soaps are 100% natural and ultra-moisturising. We use a cold saponification technique, a slow and gentle manufacturing technique, allowing for better conservation of the properties of the oils. Saponification is a natural chemical reaction of a fatty substance (vegetable oils or butters) and with an alkali (caustic soda, ours being of natural origin), at the end of this process we obtain a soap and a natural glycerine. It is during this stage that a “surgraissage” is formed or not. During saponification, one fat molecule needs another molecule of alkalis for the transformation. If there are more molecules of fatty substances than molecules of alkalis, the surplus cannot be formed and will remain in the state of oil or vegetable butter. That is the “surgraissage”.

The glycerine obtained naturally, unlike chemical glycerine added after saponification, is an extremely moisturizing agent. When the soap has vegetable glycerine and “surgraissage”, then it will wash your skin while nourishing and protecting it.

Purchasing Comptoir des Huiles is more than buying a tube of cream, it's being eco-consumer. You deserve to know what you really put on your skin and what is the impact on your health and beauty.


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