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Comptoir des Huiles : French organic and natural cosmetics with pure vegetable oils 

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Highly nutritious pack Highly nutritious pack Indicative price 41.00 36.00 Including tax
In stock
Madagascar pack Madagascar pack Indicative price 46.30 39.00 Including tax
In stock
Balm - certified organic Balm - certified organic 30ml (tube) B NOU B0 00 0030 VJ PO 0000 Comptoir des Huiles 14.00 Including tax
In stock
Intense Nutrition Mask Intense Nutrition Mask M HUI N0 00 0018 PA SA 0000 6.90 Including tax
In stock

Comptoir des Huiles

Come with us on a wonderful trip of beauty
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  • Vegan Friendly
  • Humanity egalitarian
  • High concentration of vegetable oil
  • Protective production of nature
  • Cosmétique Charte Cosmebio