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Made at home

More and more people are choosing "natural" beauty and are choosing to use products that are respectful to nature and oneself. It is important for us to support you in your journey; whether it is choosing already formulated organic products or choosing to make your own products instead of buying already made cosmetics. This is why the entire Comptoir des Huiles range of vegetable oils has been developed and packaged in this way. We have opted for containers that allow optimal preservation of our oils, thanks to tinted glass bottles that protect them from the light and do not alter their composition.

We have chosen simple closing methods so that the dosage of the oil is not a problem when making your cosmetics at home.

Finally, the different containers we offer adapt to your consumption needs. For a 100% made-to-measure treatment, make sure you select the right oil for your needs and take into consideration its properties when mixing them. Use clean utensils to respect the quantities. No need to make complicated recipes where many different products are needed. Often the quantities to add are small, and various ingredients are left waiting to be reused. Simple recipes exist, they are made with quality ingredients and some that people may already have at home. Making homemade cosmetics is like doing gastronomy at home!

Caution: We are not responsible for the consequences of improper use of our products. A 100% natural or organic product does not necessarily mean that it is not allergenic, use these products with caution by testing them on the hand or arm before use. Do not expose yourself to the sun with vegetable oils. We decline all responsibility in case of accident, injury or any damage caused by the non-observance of the precautions of use.


Some Ideas

Purifying face mask  

Jojoba oil has purifying properties that come to the rescue of oily or problemed skin.  Green clay has complementary properties since it helps to purify and regulate sebum. For a purifying and cleansing mask, mix 2 tablespoons of green clay, 1 tablespoon of Jojoba vegetable oil and enough water to make a thick, liquid paste. Apply a layer to a previously cleaned face and leave on for about twenty minutes. The clay must always remain moist, moisten the mask as much as necessary with a damp sponge or mist.


Special Hair Mask with 2 oils “Dry and damaged hair”

Ricin (Castor) oil is well known for rehydrating, strengthening and promoting hair growth. Baobab oil nourishes and helps restore shine to dull hair. It prolongs the intensity of colored hair and soothes the scalp. Mix in a bottle; 25 ml of Ricin (Castor) oil and 25 ml of olive oil (you can use your cooking oil, taking care that it comes from a first cold pressing). Apply the mixture obtained on the whole of the hair and leave for 1 hour minimum then proceed to wash the hair. (Be careful, never expose your oil-coated hair to the sun)


Scrub “New Skin”

Vegetable oil is a very good base for a homemade scrub. For this you just have to choose the oil that suits you best, why not try Baobab oil, a multipurpose oil! Mix in a bowl equal amounts of oil, sugar and fine baking soda. Apply to the skin and make small circular massages to exfoliate the skin gently. Rinse with clear water.


100% oil mask for frizzy hair

Carapate oil combined with Jojoba oil is a revitalizing treatment for frizzy, dry and damaged hair. Jojoba oil softens and prevents dehydration, while carapate oil strengthens and reinforces the hair. For this mask, mix 25 ml of Jojoba oil and 25 ml of Carapate oil, apply the mixture to all the hair. Leave for 30 minutes then rinse. Wash hair after.