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What makes Comptoir des Huiles an eco-responsible brand?  

First off, Comptoir des Huiles produces certified organic and/or natural products accessible to all, so that everyone can have the choice. In the case of non-certified organic products, they are developed in the most natural way possible. Comptoir des Huiles makes a commitment not to use extravagant elements or extra packaging: we want simple products made by the best choices. For example, we prefer to use glass to plastic for the packaging of our vegetable oils (to find out more go to Our Manifest section).  


What makes Comptoir des Huiles an ethical brand?

Through its range of products made from pure vegetable oils, Comptoir des Huiles contributes to the development of trade and cultivation in the southern region of Madagascar. The inhabitants thus improve their living conditions while respecting the environment. To find out more, go to Our Story  


How and why are Comptoir des Huiles oils cheaper?  

As we control the whole chain of production, from the farmer to the bottle of oil.  To produce the Comptoir des Huiles range, we reduce costs considerably since there is no intermediary. All our products are formulated and packaged to optimize costs. Simply put, we do well, and we can compensate all employees; firstly, the Malagasy farmers who contribute to the manufacture of our vegetable oils. By buying our products directly from our website you make the choice to consume healthy products, directly from the producer and at the fairest price.


What is the positioning of Comptoir des Huiles with regard to animal testing?  

As a French and committed company, Comptoir des Huiles condemns the performance of animal tests and complies with the regulations that apply to all European countries since 2013 and which prohibits animal testing for cosmetic products.


What is the appropriate use of organic vegetable oils?  

There is no appropriate use per se. Our vegetable oils are used alone according to their properties, but we also add essential oils to act on specific points. They can also be used as an ingredient in the making of your own cosmetics. An oil can, by itself, be a part of your beauty ritual: facial, body or hair, ... Some oils alone are enough to offer you everything your body needs. They are a very good one-time contribution in terms of nutrients and vitamins, in addition to your usual cosmetic products. In any case, each oil is chosen according to its benefits, and the benefits it can bring you.


What does the term emollient mean and what is its interest in cosmetics?

A product or ingredient with emollient properties helps to soften and soothe the skin. Emollient cosmetics are particularly recommended for dry to very dry skin and sensitive skin. An emollient cream makes the skin feel softer after application. Oily substances are excellent emollients in view of their chemical composition, which is why Comptoir des Huiles integrates as much vegetable oil as possible in the composition of its cosmetics.