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A family of modern explorers

In 2008, our family changed course! Became explorers of beauty, we seek the purest precious oils. Our cosmetics are the fruit of our fabulous discoveries, they offer you all the benefits of nature.

♦ Our true history ♦

The story of Comptoir des Huiles is above all the fascinating story of a family who became beauty explorers, the story of our family: Stéphane, Virginie and our three boys, Quentin, Alix and Pierre. Accompanied by our children, we explored the lush nature of Madagascar in search of the most fabulous plants. 
The diversity of this country amazed us from our first step onto this red earth.

It was Stephanes passion that drove his entire family to change their lives. Responsible for R & D and Innovation of a multinational plastic industry company, he was in charge of a research program for the use of natural materials in plastics. After a few years of research, he developed a formula allowing the use of castor oil as PVC plasticizer. Following issues within the group, drove Stephane to leave his job and develop an activity respectful of human and nature.

He decided in 2007 to start a business to produce castor oil in Madagascar while supporting fragile communities. After several months of geographic research and having managed to correspond with two Malagasy agricultural engineers, he asked them to make a feasibility study on the production of castor seeds in the extreme south of Madagascar in the Androy region. It is one of the most wild and inhospitable regions of Madagascar, no roads, very little electricity and the poorest region of the country and therefore of the world but also an area that kept the knowledge of the castor oil culture from the colonial period. In the years 1950-1960, several thousand tons of castor seeds were produced.

The result of the feasibility study was positive, Stéphane decided to go on site to check the findings. This was his first meeting with the Malagasy population and with his now associates, agronomists Nary and Njaka.

Why Madagascar? This Big Island offers an incredible variety of species some of them unknown to us. The potential and the unknown virtues in connection with our desires for a healthier planet, pushes us to continue our explorations year after year to propose the best of what nature has to offer all the while protecting it. Since 2008, we have discovered different plants, more or less known to the general public, thanks to which we have developed our range of pure oils.

Our cosmetic range Comptoir des Huiles allows us to offer the fruit of our discoveries to the greatest number of people. Vegetable oils are full of powerful active ingredients and prove to be a perfect and long-lasting alternative to synthetic and chemical ingredients.

Our experiences and meetings have allowed us to develop an innovative and sustainable approach to the production of raw materials. To use, as much as possible, only what nature can offer us, without exploitation all the while respecting the planet, it stems from our mango tree philosophy.

By using Comptoir des Huiles cosmetics, you contribute to the protection of nature...

♦ The Phileol Group ♦

The PhileoL group comprises of 3 distinct entities: PhileoL Madagascar, PhileoL France and PhileoL Cosmetic. We have a multidisciplinary know-how.

PhileoL Madagascar produces 100% natural and ethical vegetable oils. Its unique mode of operation makes it possible to improve the living conditions of the Malagasy people, by using a traditional work scheme while respecting the environment. More than 7000 families work by our side for the harvest.

PhileoL France is based in the “Grand Est” region of France. It processes seeds from Phileol Madagascar that could not be processed locally due to technological reasons. Our ultimate goal is that all seeds from Madagascar are pressed on the spot. Some seeds, such as baobab, requires more technical machines that are not available on site. A first oil press was installed recently, and some seeds were pressed by our trained staff.

PhileoL Cosmetic was created to develop a range of cosmetics from these oils. Comptoir des Huiles is a registered trademark of PhileoL Cosmetic.

♦ History of the discoveries of our precious oils ♦

2008: Le Ricin (Ricinus communis), La Carapate (Ricinus communis)
2010: Le Jatropha et le Neem (Azadirachta Indica)
2012: La Figue de Barbarie (Opuntia ficus-indica)
2013: Le Baobab (Adansonia grandidieri), le Moringa (Moringa oleifera) et le Marula (Sclerocarya birrea)
2014: Le Ximénia (Ximénia perrieri)
2015: Le Calophylle (Calophyllum inophyllum)
2016: Le Moringa (Moringa drouhardii) et le Givotia (Givotia madagascariensis)
2017: Le Bancoule

♦ Key Dates/Achievements ♦

The reflection

April 2000: On a return trip from Reunion while flying over Madagascar, it was love at first sight. This is when we realised that this vast island had a large contrast of varying landscapes and reliefs. 

2007: Feasibility study on the potential of Ricin in Madagascar

March 2008: First trip to Madagascar following the results of the study. The results being conclusive, we had to go there to find out whether or not we should embark on this adventure which seemed totally crazy among those around us. This visit concretized our desire to move forward and launch our project. 

The beginning

June 2008: Creation of PhileoL Madagascar. That's it, it was done! The project was on its way! We couldn’t back track, but it was good we didn’t want to.

October 2008: First harvest of Ricin plants from farms dating back to the French colonization

Early 2009: First Ricin plantation in partnership with local farmers

October 2009: First harvest of the plantation

End of 2009: First bottled oils! We were so proud to see our work come to life with this bottle of Ricin oil! This date also marked the end of works to our factory in the south of Madagascar. Thanks to this factory we could press the Ricin oil on the spot.

End of 2010 to early 2012: The relocation of our family on the west of Madagascar, Tulear. It was a big change for all the family members, life is radically different between the East of France and Madagascar. We had to adapt to another culture, different customs, to find our feet, we had to adopt to new habits and routines.


2014: First organic certifications for Baobab, Moringa and Figue de Barbarie

2015: First oils pressed in France for Marula, Baobab and Figue de Barbarie. All seeds cannot be pressed by the same machine so our machine for the Ricin seeds in Madagascar was not compatible for our new seeds.

2017: Arrival of a technical press in Madagascar for Marula and Moringa that were being pressed in France before. Our goal is that everything is pressed in Madagascar, little by little we will get there. 

End of 2017: Development of the first cosmetic formulas under the MBMO brand, My Body My Oil, and first sales of cosmetics and oils to individuals. Before this we only sold oils to companies.

2019: MBMO becomes Comptoir des Huiles. Change of look to better highlight our history, our differences and our quality. Our cosmetic brand deserved a more beautiful setting.


2019: All production to be certified organic 

2019: Organic Jatropha press to create biofuel, to be used locally 

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